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Family Owned

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25 Years of Service

Over 25 Years Serving Customers Like You!


Onsite Training & Installation

Onsite Training, Installation,

& Service

Our Services

Our Services

The services we offer are here to help you! We want your establishment to have the easiest and most updated payment processing options available. Take a look at how we can help make this possible! 

Mobile Payment Options

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Is your business always on the go and needing options to take payments on location? Mobile Payment options just might be your savior. Get paid right away at the time of completion or final installment. Don’t wait for your customers to come in or call to pay you. With a complete line of Mobile options, you can take payments off of your phone or tablet.

Smart Terminal Processing

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With our many terminal options, we can find you the system that is best for your needs. All of the terminals we offer are completely up to date and set up for all forms of processing. We also have options to keep the cards in your customers hands with Smart PinPad Options! If you are tired of getting caught in expensive leasing situations, Contact us about purchase and rent to own options.

POS Options

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Whether you are looking to save money on your current POS Processing Cost, upgrade your outdated POS System or you are looking to become a first time POS User, our Point of Sale is just the thing for you. 5 Star’s fully customizable systems will save you from overpaying on equipment and programming you don’t need. Let us do a free evaluation!

Virtual Terminal Options

Online payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms

If everything you do is over the phone or not in person, a Virtual Terminal Option may be just for you! With the capability to take payments, schedule recurring payments, set up payment plans or sync with Mobile Payments without expensive equipment, a Virtual Terminal is a great option.


We proudly partner with Community Savings Bank to offer tailored, face-to-face merchant services to Iowa's businesses.


"Since having this service our weekend traffic has increased. Most people don't carry cash so having the ability to pay by credit or debit card has been a plus for our business. It has also been beneficial for birthday parties as well for our bowling center."

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Meet the Team


Jeff “Ole” Olson


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Brad Jipson

Account Executive

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Dennis Eikenberry

President of Sales

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Joe Sidebotham

Account Executive

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Matt McCann

POS and IT Director

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